Floyd was the most infamous

bank robber of his time

     From his early teens, Floyd believed that crime would lead to happiness and prosperity. But after each crime, he ended up back in prison, planning his next escape, his next big job. In 1974, he and three others pulled off a one-million-dollar heist, but it didn’t end up the way he planned.

     This book is a personal account of Forsberg's life of crime, beginning with burglary and purse snatching, then car theft, forging of stolen money orders, assault, attempted bank robbery, bank robbery, and finally accessory to murder.

     He details his crimes in a very personal way, and his time in a number of institutions and his criminal beliefs are laid bare. One comes away with an understanding of the various aspects of the life of a criminal.

     As much as this book reveals criminal behavior and the particulars about living in a penal institution, it is less about prison walls or institutional systems than it is about what Floyd discovered about himself that caused him to give up his life of crime. It's about why he decided to stop his psychopathic thinking and become a productive member of society.

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